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Artist: Adriana Gonzales
Title: Palenquera
Technique: Oil on Canvas
Dimensions: 80 x 60 cm
Origin: Colombia
Other Details: Work Stretched, Ready to Hang Up

The work "Palenquera" is an artistic representation that shows the beauty and culture of the Palenquera women who sell fruits on the streets of Cartagena. In this work, the artist wants to highlight the importance of these women in Colombian society, and their impact on the culture and economy of the country.

The palenqueras are Afro-Colombian women who come from the town of San Basilio de Palenque, located in the department of Bolívar. These women are known for their brightly colored dresses and their hand-woven baskets, in which they carry fresh fruits and other local products to sell on the streets of Cartagena. Despite the economic and social difficulties they face, the palenqueras are a symbol of the resistance and perseverance of the Afro-Colombian people.

The artist who created the work "Colombian Palenqueras" wanted to highlight the natural beauty of these women, as well as their unique and colorful style. In the work, you can see details such as the dresses and accessories of the palenqueras, which are handmade and are unique pieces of Colombian culture. In addition, the artist wanted to highlight the importance of palenqueras in the local economy, since her work is essential for tourism and commerce in Cartagena.

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