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Palenquera Roots

Palenquera Roots

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Artist: Iris Alcalá
Title: Palenquera Roots
Technique: Oil on Canvas
Dimensions: 130 x 70 cm
Origin: Colombia
Other Details: Work Stretched, Ready to Hang Up

In this work of art entitled "Palenquera Roots" the artist Iris Alcalá shows the beauty of Afro-Colombian women by exalting their ancestral roots and vibrant colors. The perfect combination of the African and Colombian Palenquera cultures is shown, highlighting the natural beauty, the strong colored dresses and the accessories of these women.
It is a celebration of the beauty of Afro-descendant women and their cultural heritage. The use of a Moroccan background adds an exotic and mysterious element to the piece, while emphasizing the universality of beauty in different cultures. The work of art shows the importance of embracing our roots and celebrating the diversity and richness of different universal cultures.

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