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Artist: Felipe Guevara
Title: Heritage
Technique: Oil on Canvas
Dimensions: 65 x 95 cm
Origin: Colombia
Other Details: Work Stretched, Ready to Hang Up

In this work of art "Protection of Our Cultural Heritage", Colombian artist Felipe Guevara aims to show the perfect beauty of Afro-Colombian Palenquera women through the use of strong and vibrant colors. The work of art celebrates the unique and surprising beauty of these women, who are an essential part of Colombian culture and heritage.

However, the artist also uses the background of the painting to send a powerful message about the importance of respecting and protecting our natural world. The use of giraffe skin in the background of the painting serves as a symbol of how society can harm and exploit animals for their own selfish desires, without taking into account the consequences.

The work of art is a reminder of the need to protect and respect both our natural world and our cultural heritage. It encourages us to celebrate the diversity and richness of different cultures, while recognizing the importance of preserving the natural beauty and biodiversity of our planet.

In general, this work of art is a beautiful and powerful representation of the intersection between art, culture and the environment, reminding us of our responsibility to protect and preserve the world around us.

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